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Austin Weather


Welcome to Waterloo's web site. We hope you participate as a community and make this site your own. There is a forum and picture gallery where you can share in conversation or upload a photo. Many of the areas events will be listed in the news section, forums, and event calendar.

We ask you to register so you can participate on the site. An administrator will need to manually activate your account. This allows us to keep the spammers away.

- Click here to register -
Note: When registering you must click the [Finish] button at the end of the process.

If you are having any problems with the site e-mail me at
Posted on Saturday, August 30

18th Annual Ice Bowl - Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

Tuesday, February 06, 2018 (03:07:44) Waterloo Event
Waterloo DGC held its 18th Annual Ice Bowl Saturday, February 3, 2018, at Zilker Park. The weather was chilly and damp, but it didn't rain on us and we all had a wonderful time! 7 non-playing staff plus 118 players (many of whom staffed too) spent the full day there with friends, family, and our disc golf community raising money and food for Central Texas Food Bank. Final fundraising totals aren't quite in yet, but you can find lots of info and all the other results in the Community Forum part of this website (link: 18th Ice Bowl Discussion Thread).

You can also see the results plus lots of pictures on the event's Facebook page: 18th Ice Bowl Facebook Page

2018 Waterloo Club Membership

Friday, December 29, 2017 (22:00:47) Waterloo Event
2018 is almost here and Waterloo Disc Golf Club (WDGC) is ready for a full year of disc golf fun in the beautiful City of Austin, Texas! This is the perfect opportunity to renew your annual club membership to help support our ongoing efforts to improve disc golf in our town. If you aren’t yet current on your 2018 club membership, now is the time, and if you aren’t a club member now is a great time to join.

To make it much easier, you can now renew and join online! Disc Golf United (DGU), a great online tournament registration site, is now set up to take Waterloo Club renewals and new members too. Here is the link to the page, just choose which option you would like, cus1 – cus5 are the Renewal options: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or renew for your lifetime. Cus6 & cus7 are New Member options. DGU Waterloo Club Membership

Waterloo’s highlights in 2017…

• Big Tournaments: 18th Annual Ice Bowl in February; Young at Heart 5, Parent/Child Doubles in March; 40th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic in October
• Course Workdays: 11 workdays spread out during the year at Bartholomew, Circle C, Roy G, and Zilker; $750+ spent on course maintenance and improvements ($24,600+ spent in past 10 years)
• Charity Fundraising:
$9,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central TX (grand total since the late 1990s of more than $126,000)
$1,000 and 197 pounds of food for Central Texas Food Bank (grand total since 2000 of more than $13,000 and 4,100 pounds of food)
$1,250 for E.D.G.E. (grand total since 2004 of nearly $7,500)
Partnered with Disc Nation to raise 127 pounds of food and many, many boxes of clothes and supplies for Hurricane Harvey evacuees in Austin and others in need, plus hundreds of golf discs for families in the city shelter across the street from the Met Center course
• Smaller Events: Bart Minis every Saturday morning; Spring, Summer, and Fall Leagues at Zilker on Thursday evening that averaged more than 70 players each league this year
• Sponsorship: supported 37 tournaments and events with over $10,000 in cash, merchandise, and equipment
• Membership: 52 new club members, bringing Waterloo DGC’s total membership to 607

Club Membership Renewal Prices: Get a $10 Disc Nation certificate with your membership renewal – that means one year really only costs you $5 bucks!

1 Year: $15
3 Years: $40
($5 discount)
5 Years: $65 ($10 discount)
10 Years: $125 ($25 discount)
Lifetime Renewal: $300 (your own new BFF! Waterlooooo!)

We have three easy ways to renew:
1) online through the DGU site DGU Waterloo Club Membership
2) mail in a check (to Waterloo DGC, PO Box 33531, Austin, TX, 78764)
3) pay with cash or check in-person at the Ice Bowl on Feb. 3rd at Zilker

If your address, phone number, or email has changed recently, please note the change with your payment.

The club’s 2018 goal is to reach 650 members by year’s end. We need you to join the club, keep your membership current AND get your friends to join. If you are already a member, You may be due for renewal. To check your status, go to Waterloo Club Member List. This link will take you directly to a Google Document showing our member list as a .pdf file. If the far right-hand column next to your name is blank, or says “Current Through 2017”, then it’s time to renew!! Not sure if you are already a member? You can check this same list (it is sorted alphabetically by last name).

You can also find a Google Docs link to the member list on our Facebook page (Waterloo Club Facebook Page), or send us an email to ask (

Waterloo Disc Golf Club is continuing as a PDGA Affiliate Club in 2018. Any current club member that wishes to join the PDGA or renew their PDGA membership through the club will receive a $5 discount on those membership fees. If you are interested in getting the Waterloo Club discount, contact us for the coupon code, then click on the following link: PDGA Membership

• Choose “Join Now” or “Renew Now” and enter your information

• When you get to the payment screen, enter the code in the “Coupon” field to get your $5 discount.

For more information about club membership renewals, or the club in general, you can call the WDGC cell phone at (512) 994-9508, email us at, or check out our Facebook page, Waterloo Club Facebook Page.

Thank you for your support of Waterloo Disc Golf Club!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

And “Thank You” to Disc Nation for their year-round sponsorship of the club and their support for all we do!

Disc Nation Website

Updated Club Member List

Thursday, December 21, 2017 (05:42:50) Dragonfly™
Here is a link to Waterloo DGC's full Club Member List (on Google Docs as a .pdf file). You can check the list to find out if you are current on membership dues for 2018.

Club Member List

More info on renewing for 2018 coming soon.

40th Waterloo DG Classic is FULL

Saturday, August 26, 2017 (00:03:13) Waterloo Event
The 40th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic (Oct 21-22, 2017) is FULL.

If you'd like to be added to the waitlist, just let me know. The best ways are to send me an email at the club’s address, my personal address, or call the club cell phone at 512-994-9508 (be sure to leave a message if I don’t answer).

I need your name, division, and contact info (email and/or phone number). Remember, if you call the cell phone, be sure to leave a message with your info, including the date and time of your call. Don’t hang up and call later to try and reach me in person; that might just put you further down on the list.

If someone withdraws, I will contact the next person on the waitlist.

If you clear the waitlist before the tournament gets here, I'll contact you about it. Otherwise, the only thing you have to do is be there Saturday morning at tourney HQ when check-in closes at 8:30 am. Tournament HQ is by the Golf Course Pro Shop. If anyone drops out at the last minute or hasn't checked in, we'll drop them and fill their spot with someone from the waitlist.


Gordon Kelley
Tournament Director

40th Waterloo Registration is now OPEN

Sunday, August 13, 2017 (05:39:32) Waterloo Event
Registration for the 40th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic is now open! The flyer and the entry form are in the pictures with this post, or you can access them through the links just a little bit further down in this post. We will also post a “text only” version of the entry form in a separate post.

Sorry, but no online registration and no electronic payment is available.

You must either mail in your entry, with payment, or bring it to Zilker on Thursday evenings to give to me (Gordon).
Postmark or the date I receive it in my hand will determine your date of entry. If there will be a Thursday when I can’t make it to Zilker, then I’ll designate the person who is running the mini/league that night to take them. Otherwise they need to come to me, not to someone else to give to me.

Link to 40th Annual Waterloo Entry Form:
40th WL Entry

Link to 40th Annual Waterloo Flyer:
40th WL Flyer

I recommend not waiting for Thursday to register in person. Spots always go very fast and by waiting you risk it filling up before you have a chance to get there. Mail in your entry right away so it gets a postmark before league night. Keep in mind that if you pay in person on Thursday I likely won’t be able to tell you that night whether you are in the tournament or whether you are on the waitlist. That is because it will be a few more days after that before stuff mailed and postmarked before league makes it to the club’s PO Box. However, it you are going to take a chance and wait until Thursday, see below:

For the next league night (Thursday, August 17th), I will be at Zilker Park to collect tournament entries even IF league has been cancelled.

* If league is ON, you can drop entries off with me between 4:30 – 6:00 (before the round) or from 8:00 – 8:30 (after the round). If you show up and find me on the course during the round, you need to have your money and entry form already filled out and ready just to hand to me. If you don’t have an entry form with you, grab one from the kiosk and fill it out before tracking me down, or at least have your basic info written on a piece of paper to give along with your check, money order, or cash. Please don’t show up with your money and expect me to stop my round to write all your info down; if you do that I will just send you back to the kiosk to get a form and then come back out and find me again ?.

* If league ends up being CANCELLED because of weather, I will still be there from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm, either by the hole #1 teebox or in the parking lot by #1 if it is raining - in which case look for my dark blue Toyota Sienna mini-van.

We have about 90 Father Dave McC-Note Challengers right now (half-full), so that leaves about 90 spaces available. But don’t wait, the tournament usually fills up within 5 – 10 days; mail your entry in ASAP to secure your spot in this fun, awesome tournament.

Also, even though registration is now open, you can still take the Father Dave McC-Note Challenge. It no longer has the benefit of saving your spot, but you will still be helping out the charity plus you’ll get a cool McC-Note goodie in your player’s pack and you’ll have an extra CTP each round that is for McC-Noters only. Every year a number of people do this, you can be one of them this year.

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

p.s. Waterlooooooooooooooooooooooo