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Austin Weather

11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Events that are soon to occur. Come here to join the discussion and create some hype.
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11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:23 pm

More will be coming soon, but in the meantime mark your calendars for:

Waterloo Disc Golf Club’s 11th Annual Ice Bowl
Saturday, February 5, 2011
Zilker Park

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:39 pm

11th Annual Ice Bowl

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Zilker Park Disc Golf Course

Every year, clubs and people from around the world gather together to help fight hunger within their communities and to have a day of fun playing disc golf no matter what the weather. We will be raising money and food for the Capital Area Food Bank at our Ice Bowl.

The rules of the Ice Bowl are simple:
1) Under no circumstances will an Ice Bowl be postponed or cancelled
2) No wimps or whiners allowed
3) There are no excuses for not attending!

The entry fee is $15. For that, you will receive either:
Ice Bowl T-Shirt
– or –
DX Ice Bowl Disc & set of Little Flyer “Nesting Minis”

Supplies are limited - first come first choice; we will also have long-sleeve shirts and some other higher quality discs for extra cost.

We will also have some CTP contests & some other fun stuff. The whole idea is to HAVE A GREAT TIME while helping others out who really need it. If you have anything you would like to donate as CTP prizes, please let us know. Anything we receive, we will give away!


Sign-up & Check-in begins at 11:00 at the Polo Tables (near North Hole 1)
Pre-registration available @

126 MAXIMUM players

For more information, please call Gordon Maxim-Kelley @ (512) 858-1615 or Phil Haik @ (512) 826-6591. You can also email the club at gordon @ or check out our Facebook page.

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:41 pm

A couple of things to note:

There will be only 1 flight this year, with a MAXIMUM of 126 people (21 holes w/ 6 players each).

Online pre-registration will be available through, but it isn’t quite ready just yet. It will be soon though, and we’ll post a note once it is up and running.

Though it doesn’t say it on the flyer, you can also pre-register by mailing your entry to the club:

Check/money order payable to: WDGC

Mail to: WDGC, PO Box 33531, Austin, TX 78764

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:53 am

Online Registration is now available Very Happy . Here is the link for Disc Nation's Tournaments & Event section:

Just click on the Ice Bowl logo or name and you'll get all the info.

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:55 pm

Just a reminder about the Waterloo Club’s Ice Bowl coming up on Saturday at Zilker Park. On-line pre-registration through Disc Nation is going strong, and we have over 30 people already confirmed. There will only be 1 flight this year, and the maximum number of people that can play is 126.

Here is a link to the Disc Nation events section:

We could really use some more sponsorship for this event. We aren’t asking for any big amount from anyone, but a disc or two here, a shirt there, or even non-disc related stuff is great too. We need things to give away in our CTP game (5-5-5), and some raffle prizes too. Our raffle grand prize will be a brand new Discatcher Sport Basket, so bring some extra money for raffle tickets and the CTP contest.

We already have confirmed as sponsors: Disc Nation, Twin Parks Country Club, and Sister Sue Dye 4 U; thanks Y’all!!!

If you can donate something, please let me know so I can add you to our sponsor list, then just bring it to the park on Saturday. If you would like to make a monetary donation as sponsorship, you can do so by check and you can make it payable to Capital Area Food Bank so that you get the tax deduction credit for it (they will mail you a letter for your tax records).

We could also use some help during the day, especially for food. We’d like to do something similar to what we had at the Pease Memorial minis, something easy and basic like sausage wraps, with maybe chips and cookies. And hot chocolate too – it looks like it will be cold that morning.

There is a regular grill down there, but it takes charcoal. A gas grill would be much more convenient and easier to get started and re-started.

So we are looking for someone (or a few someones) who can bring down a grill, buy some food and some drinks/cups, cook the food and heat the water (yeah… I know, the hardest part is boiling the water), sell and serve the food and drinks. We’d love to have hot chocolate available in the morning (and maybe later in the day if it stays cold), and food available both before and after the round.

Please let me know if you can help with some part of this. We need to get it set up and organized in advance so that it is easy to deal with on Saturday.

We will also likely need some help getting set-up in the morning, and getting people registered/checked in, getting their merch; you know, running them down the gauntlet of that long picnic table we use Smile .

Finally, as a reminder, it is limited this year to 126 people only, so pre-registration is advised, or show up early to sign up that morning. We will start taking signups at 11 am, but in past years we have usually had a good sized line already waiting by then. The parking lot by the polo picnic tables and the north part of the course will fill up quickly. There is the smaller lot by the south part of the course, and there are a few other lots along the park road BEFORE you get to the course.

Even if you have pre-registered, the discs and shirts are still first come, first choice. We have lots of DX discs and short sleeve shirts, but types, colors, weights, sizes, etc of each are limited. We also have long sleeve shirts for an extra $5 and some better discs, including a few Innova INNcolor and Discraft Supercolor discs, ranging in price from an extra $6 to an extra $25. So the earlier you get there, the more likely you’ll find just what you want.

Phew, this ended up being a lot longer than I planned. Have a great week, stay warm, and we hope to see you on Saturday for another fun Ice Bowl!


Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:51 pm

Sorry that I've been absent on the ice bowl follow-up stuff! I'll try to get some things posted soon - hopefully tomorrow.


Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:54 pm

We gave away a lot of raffle prizes, including a brand new Innova Discatcher Sport basket (won by Rick Vigil I believe Very Happy ). However we had a couple of unclaimed prizes as well as a couple won by someone who wasn't around at the end. If you have the tickets for either of the un-named prizes, please contact me.

ending in:

#4954, some miscellaneous innova stuff
#4971, t-shirt in your size

#4843, Isaac Hernandez, t-shirt in his size
#4844, Isaac Hernandez, $25 gift certificate to Planet K

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:05 pm

We filled up at 126 people, thank you to everyone who came out and played and/or staffed. More info coming later, maybe this weekend? But for now, here are the winners of each division. Also, we now have our trophies for these folks so I'll need to get with them in the next couple of weeks.

Pro Men, Jay Reading, 53
Pro Master, Traye Dean, 58
Pro Grandmaster, Jerry "El Chile" Perez, Sr., 53
Advanced Women, Michelle Henderson, 66
Adv. Men, Randy Moreno, 56
Adv. Master, Roger Allen, 59
Adv. Grandmaster, Bill Collins, 59
Intermediate Men, Porter Yax, 58
Recreational Women, Tie between Melissa Stein & Cathy Yarby, 70
Rec. Men, Tie between Mason Cole & Michael Carvalho, 61

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:07 pm

Here are the results. We'll try to get a more formatted version posted in this web site's Results section soon.

Waterloo Ice Bowl 2011
February 5th, Zilker Park

Rank Division Name First Name Last Name Score
1 Pro Men Jay Reading 53
2 Pro Men Hugh Pickett 55
3 Pro Men Ray Escalante 56
T4 Pro Men Chris Basuino 58
T4 Pro Men Justin Davis 58
T6 Pro Men Paul Machado 60
T6 Pro Men Jeremy "Smoke" Sanchez 60
T6 Pro Men Aaron Stair 60

1 Pro Master Traye Dean 58
2 Pro Master Brian Litke 60
3 Pro Master Mike Shay 70
Pro Master James McCaine 999

1 Pro Grandmaster Jerry "El Chile" Perez, Sr. 53
2 Pro Grandmaster Chip Groat 58
3 Pro Grandmaster Dale Gibbins 61
4 Pro Grandmaster Glenn Schleicher 64
5 Pro Grandmaster Michael Wise 73
6 Pro Grandmaster Byron Kurka 81

1 Adv. Women Michelle Henderson 66
2 Adv. Women Michele Owens 71
T3 Adv. Women Stephanie Allen 75
T3 Adv. Women Tasha Barnes 75
T3 Adv. Women Jenny Kane 75
6 Adv. Women Karen Dorrier 78

1 Adv. Men Randy Moreno 56
2 Adv. Men Shane Little 60
T3 Adv. Men Ryan Duncan 62
T3 Adv. Men Matt Kessler 62
T5 Adv. Men Jeff Barron 64
T5 Adv. Men Moe Overton 64
7 Adv. Men Daniel Schroeder 65
8 Adv. Men Clint Doyle 67
9 Adv. Men Jeremy Croke 68
10 Adv Men Jason Winkle 71

1 Adv. Master Roger Allen 59
2 Adv. Master Will Roden 60
3 Adv. Master Miguel Guerrero 62
4 Adv. Master Mike "M'Low" Low 63
5 Adv. Master Gary Marotz 65
T6 Adv. Master Ricky Amaya 67
T6 Adv. Master Solo Castruita 67
8 Adv. Master Damon Cotter 69
9 Adv. Master Tom Cox 70
10 Adv. Master Luis Guerrero 73
T11 Adv. Master "Big" Rich Collins 75
T11 Adv. Master John "Smiley" Pustejovsky 75

1 Adv. Grandmaster Bill Collins 59
2 Adv. Grandmaster Bill Engle 61
T3 Adv. Grandmaster Steve Loeschen 62
T3 Adv. Grandmaster Khali Mendoza 62
T3 Adv. Grandmaster Jeff Pitt 62
6 Adv. Grandmaster Rick Vigil 64
T7 Adv. Grandmaster Stevo Barnes 65
T7 Adv. Grandmaster Darryl Daughenbaugh 65
T7 Adv. Grandmaster Max Villarreal 65
10 Adv. Grandmaster John Peacock 66
T11 Adv. Grandmaster Wade Kolb 67
T11 Adv. Grandmaster Del Stair 67
13 Adv. Grandmaster Rogert Schroeder, Sr. 73
14 Adv. Grandmaster Jimbo 80
15 Adv. Grandmaster Joel Menard 82

1 Int. Men Porter Yax 58
T2 Int. Men Rick Deeken 60
T2 Int. Men Isaac Hernandez 60
T2 Int. Men Dave Spears 60
T5 Int. Men Sean Bemus 62
T5 Int. Men Cain Domier 62
T7 Int. Men Cesar Aguelles 63
T7 Int. Men Lynn McNabb 63
T7 Int. Men Bryan Ritter 63
T7 Int. Men Mike Slaughter 63
T7 Int. Men Lance Thompson 63
12 Int. Men Dean Soward 64
T13 Int. Men Greg Bohls 65
T13 Int. Men Jonathon Kennemer 65
T13 Int. Men Corey Matute 65
T13 Int. Men Jacob Sanchez 65
T13 Int. Men Darren Vaughn 65
T18 Int. Men Michael Czysz 66
T18 Int. Men Barry Walling 66
20 Int. Men Shay Piecek 67
21 Int. Men Tony Dieterick 68
22 Int. Men Caleb Barker 69
23 Int. Men Justin Rojo 70
24 Int. Men Scott Cecil 71
Int. Men Chris Bohls 999

T1 Rec Women Melissa Stein 70
T1 Rec Women Cathy Yarby 70
3 Rec Women Autumn Emr 76
4 Rec Women Raphaelle Yax 84
5 Rec Women Tiffany Rickman 85

T1 Rec Men Michael Carvalho 61
T1 Rec Men Mason Cole 61
T3 Rec Men Richard Hargraves 62
T3 Rec Men Robert Hartley 62
T5 Rec Men Willy Gongoll IV 63
T5 Rec Men Blake Greer 63
T5 Rec Men Jordan Jackson 63
T5 Rec Men Elick Kozlovsky 63
T5 Rec Men Austin Leger 63
T10 Rec Men Snags Jokbeit 64
T10 Rec Men Carlos Lugo 64
T12 Rec Men Chris Castillo 65
T12 Rec Men Cameron Hardy 65
T12 Rec Men Anthony Hector 65
T12 Rec Men Scott Jones 65
T12 Rec Men James Waddingtom 65
T17 Rec Men Chuck McFerrin 66
T17 Rec Men Scott Stein 66
19 Rec Men Derek Whallen 67
T20 Rec Men Richard Landriault 68
T20 Rec Men John Magallanez 68
T22 Rec Men Cody Brewer 69
T22 Rec Men Ronnie Gallardo 69
T22 Rec Men Bala Silkenson 69
T25 Rec Men Sam Arnold 71
T25 Rec Men T Tyra 71
27 Rec Men Brian Garlock 72
T28 Rec Men Ken Kendall 74
T28 Rec Men Robert Perez 74
30 Rec Men John Fisher 75
31 Rec Men William Dohmann 77
T32 Rec Men Max McFerrin 78
T32 Rec Men Garrett Thompson 78
Rec Men David Jones 999
Rec Men James Kornbau 999

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 11th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 5, 2011, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:59 pm

Waterloo Disc Golf Club’s 12th Annual Ice Bowl will be on our usual day, Super-Saturday (the Saturday before the Super Bowl), February 4, 2012; at our usual place, Zilker Park.

As always, it will be a fundraiser for Capital Area Food Bank; so plan on having a great time for a wonderful cause.

More info will be available in early January.

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 430
Joined: Aug 30, 2008
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