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Austin Weather

Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st 2009

Events that have come and gone, but descriptions and discussions are kept here for your entertainment.
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Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st 2009

Post Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:54 am


Saturday January 31, 2009
Zilker Park Disc Golf Course (18 Hole Setup)
Austin, TX

Signup Begins at 11:00 am
(at Polo Picnic Tables, by hole #1 of the north course)
Start at 12:30 pm

Every year, clubs and people from around the world gather together to help fight hunger within their communities and to have a day of fun playing disc golf no matter what the weather. We will be raising money and food for the Capital Area Food Bank at our Ice Bowl.

The rules of the Ice Bowl are simple:
1) Under no circumstances can an Ice Bowl be postponed or cancelled
2) No wimps or whiners allowed
3) There are no excuses for not attending!

The entry fee is $13 plus 3 cans of food (or $15 and no food). For that $13, you will receive either:
Ice Bowl T-Shirt
Ice Bowl Disc (DX plastic) and set of Little Flyer “Nesting Minis”

(supplies of both are limited - first come first choice; we will also have long-sleeve shirts and some other, higher quality discs, but there are extra costs for them).

After that, we are playing for fun!!!

We will also have some CTP contests and maybe some other fun stuff. The whole idea is to have a great time while helping others out who really need it. If you have anything you would like to donate as CTP prizes, please let us know. Anything we receive, we will give away!

Site Admin
Site Admin
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Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:01 pm

A reminder that Waterloo’s Ice Bowl is this weekend, Saturday January 31st at Zilker Park.

We've got some nice sponsorship commitments already from DiscNation, Susan Macaluso, and Randy Gerde (yes our long lost Ranch Welder who now lives in the great northwest sent down something really cool!). Thanks y'all!!!

We could really use a lot more though: discs, minis, shirts, gift cards, cool stuff, weird stuff, etc. If you can help round some stuff up, please contact Matt Burton at 507-9999 or matthewdburton @

If you are coming out to play, please look around and see if you've got something we could give away. It doesn't have to be much, if everyone brings something, it will all add up to a great pile of prizes.

Also, we are hoping someone would like to do some food or snacks or hot chocolate / coffee to sell. It is a long day out there and some lunch before the round and some snacks or late lunch after the round would be really great. It can really help the fundraising; and even if it just breaks even, at least it is a great service for all the players and staff.

If anyone can do some of this, please contact Matt Burton – he’ll be coordinating it all. (see phone & email info above)

Finally, please help spread the word about Ice Bowl this weekend. We usually get a big turnout and we hope to again this year. Remember, sign up starts at 11 am, tee off is officially at 12:30 (though we usually end up going a bit later than that).

And we'll be raffling off a basket!

Thanks, and we'll see you this Saturday
Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:12 pm

Just a couple of final notes about tomorrow’s Ice Bowl at Zilker:

Looks like we’ll be having some bratwurst for sale before the round as an early lunch (and hopefully some afterwards too), and possibly some pizza after the round. And we’ll have some sodas and gatorades for sale too.

As always, we could use some help setting up and getting everyone checked in. Processing 120-140 people takes some good volunteer effort to get everything done as smoothly as possible. We’ll try to get to the park about 9:15 tomorrow morning so that we can unload all our stuff and be completely ready to start signing people up at 11 am.

Tomorrow is a great time to renew your club membership for 2009 (or beyond) or to join the club if you aren’t yet a member.

For current club members (those already current plus those who renew or join tomorrow) you can also renew your 2009 PDGA membership and get a $5 discount off of the pdga renewal fee. We’ll have the forms with us at the park.

Waterloo Club renewal rates are:
1 Year Renewal $15
3 Year Renewal $40
5 Year Renewal $65
10 Year Renewal $125
Lifetime Renewal $300

You can also renew or join the club online through the Disc Nation website, just click here:

If your member number is between 1 and 285, then you may be due for renewal. Just open the Member List file on the Membership Page of the website (or just click here: and find your name/number. Next to your name will be “Current Through December 20xx” or a blank space. If the space is blank or if the “current through” year is 2008, then it is time for you to renew. The list is first in Member Number order; below that it is re-arranged into Member Name order (listed by last name). So if you aren’t sure of your member number, you can easily find your name in the second list.

If you have joined or renewed in the last month or so, you might not see it on the list yet. We’ll get it updated shortly after the Ice Bowl.

Our big project at Circle C is going to take a lot of money – we are getting some top-notch tee signs and protective frames, for all the tee boxes – your membership funds will go a long way towards paying for it all.

Finally, a big Waterloo Thank You to the people and businesses who have already sent Ice Bowl sponsorship or have committed to bringing stuff:

Disc Nation
Dan Mueller
Susan Macaluso
Randy Gerde
Millennium, HouckDesign and World’s Biggest
Matt Kessler
Play It Again Sports

We could still use a lot more though, so we hope you’ll consider bringing some donations. Thanks!

It’s going to be a beautiful day for disc golf tomorrow; see you there,
Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st 2009

Post Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:44 pm

Are the raffle winners posted or have all the prizes been claimed?

Throwing over PAR +10
Posts: 20
Joined: Oct 09, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:03 pm

We do still have a few unclaimed prizes. I'll bring the list with me tomorrow.

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:29 pm

Hugh Pickett won the grand prize: an Innova Discatcher Sport Basket!

Of the other 25 prizes, the unclaimed ones are:

879821 $25 Planet K gift certificate
879866 $25 Disc Nation gift certificate
879870 shirt & hat
879927 shirt
879954 shirt
879957 shirt

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st 2009

Post Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:47 pm

are you going to post the result of the Ice Bowl?

Frisbee thrower
Frisbee thrower
Posts: 2
Joined: Feb 02, 2009

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:53 am

Yes, as soon as I get the spreadsheet, I'll post the full results. (hopefully soon) Very Happy

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:46 pm

Wow, what a great Ice Bowl we had at Zilker. The weather was perfect and the turnout was HUGE!

We had 186 people; 50 more than we’ve ever had before.

We raised $750 for Capital Area Food Bank, which is the most cash we’ve ever gotten in our 9 years of Ice Bowls.

We also raised 359 pounds of food, which is the 2nd most amount of food.

(Our grand total for the 9 years is: $4,732 cash plus 2,282 pounds of food)

A BIG THANK YOU to all our great sponsors.

DISC NATION is one of the club’s biggest sponsors and always comes through for us, this time with some great gift certificates. Don’t forget that you can join the club or renew your membership through their web site. You can also buy club stamped discs from them that help us with our fundraising.

MILLENNIUM, HOUCKDESIGN AND WORLD’S BIGGEST – as Disc Golf and as Austin as it gets! John & Dee brought a bunch of pizzas and sodas that not only helped ease the hunger after the round, but helped raise some money as we were able to sell the slices for $1 or $2. And it was good tasting pizza too!

PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS is also a regular supporter and chipped in some great gift certificates for 5-5-5.

SHIRTS420.COM donated a ton of their shirts plus donated ½ of all the proceeds from the shirts sold during the event.

RANDY GERDE sent a big box (and a really cool box at that) of smoked salmon from the Great Northwest.

DAN MUELLER donated an Innova Disc Catcher Sport basket that was won by Hugh Pickett in the raffle.

SUSAN MACALUSO sent a bunch of great tie dye!

TEAM JUSTICE brought some awesome discs and stuff from their HOTT tour.

And lots of folks brought discs, shirts, minis and other goodies to give away in 5-5-5 and the raffle, including


And there are probably a few I’m missing as it was a bit chaotic that morning Shocked

As I said above, I hope to be able to post the full results soon; in the meantime our division winners were:

Rec Women Jenny Cane & Stephanie Allen 80
Int Women Amanda Aporte (Aponte?) 72
Pro Women Shannon Bowles 68
Rec Men Mike Haymond 63
Int Men Matt Papa 60
Adv.Grand Master Chip Groat 64
Adv.Master Ric Johnson 61
Advanced Men Paul Machado 58
Pro Master John Hovey 56
Open Pro Micah Winters & Alex Downs 55

We had some small donated prizes for first place in each division; most winners picked theirs up, but we still owe a little something to Jenny Cane, Stephanie Allen, Ric Johnson, and John Hovey.

And we had 3 aces:
Billy West #2 south
Cameron Hardy #D (temporary hole)
Zach Doggett #8 north

Finally, thank you to all the staff who made everything run as smoothly as possible:
Lou Moreno, Brad Granier, Laura Hovey, Stevo Barnes, Dan Mueller, Todd Golden, Matt Burton, Matt Kessler, Cesar Arguelles, JR (or is it RT?) Escobedo, Roger Allen, Rick Amaya, and Sheldon Parker

And thanks also to Gary Barron for donating a keg in honor of his 70th birthday; and to Sheldon Parker who also brought a keg.

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:51 pm

I forgot to mention that we also had 12 new members join the club, the first of which took us to the 300 mark. Thanks and Welcome to the Club!

300 Richard Hargraves Supporting Member
301 John Gold Supporting Member
302 Kristina Gold Supporting Member
303 Eric Lambert Player Member
304 Neil Houghton Supporting Member
305 Renee Beth Lyle Player Member
306 James Lyle Player Member
307 RT Escobedo III Player Member
308 Philip Warnick Supporting Member
309 Scott Sampson Supporting Member
310 Isaac Hernandez Player Member
311 Daniel Temple Supporting Member

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: Waterloo Club's Ice Bowl, Zilker Park, Austin, Jan 31st

Post Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:11 pm

And here are the final results!

division rank first name last name score
Pro Women 2 KATIE ANDREWS 74
Pro Women 3 LAURA HOVEY 76
Pro Women 4 LAURA COFFEY 77
Pro Women 5 PATTY JUSTICE 78

Advanced Women 1 MICHELLE HENDERSON 71

Intermediate Women 2 AMANDA APONTE 72
Intermediate Women 3 BRANDY WHEELER 75
Intermediate Women 4 TERUKO OGURI 77
Intermediate Women 5 KRISTINA GOLD 79
Intermediate Women 5 DANIELLE PIPER 79

Recreational Women 1 STEPHANIE ALLEN 80
Recreational Women 1 JENNY KANE 80
Recreational Women 3 RENEE LYLE 81
Recreational Women 4 SARAH MATTSON 83
Recreational Women 4 MICHELE OWENS 83
Recreational Women 6 VANESSA CHERRY 85
Recreational Women 6 SHANNON DEJOHN 85
Recreational Women 8 MOLLY CANTRERAS 86
Recreational Women 8 MICHELLE GOLD 86
Recreational Women 10 KAREN DORRIER 89
Recreational Women 11 BRIDGETTE MALONE 90
Recreational Women 12 JADE SAINLER 95
Recreational Women 13 RAPHAELLE HAZELWOOD 97

Junior Girls 1 ZOE JUSTICE 149

Pro Men 1 ALEX DOWNS 55
Pro Men 3 MATT BOND 57
Pro Men 5 R.T. ESCOBEDO 58
Pro Men 5 ERIK SOETE 58
Pro Men 5 JOE TORRES 58
Pro Men 9 MIKE OLSE 59
Pro Men 11 ROB LOWRY 60
Pro Men 12 ERIC HAMPY 61
Pro Men 13 TIM ESCOBEDO 62
Pro Men 13 GRAHAM MOORE 62
Pro Men 15 JERRY PEREZ, SR. 63
Pro Men 18 HUGH PICKETT 64
Pro Men 19 CHRIS ROGERS 65
Pro Men 20 CHRIS WARE 66
Pro Men 22 BEN NOYES 69
Pro Men 23 MIKE GRAHAM 70
Pro Men 24 ERIC LAMBERT 86

Pro Master Men 1 JOHN HOVEY 56
Pro Master Men 2 MARK CANTRERAS 60
Pro Master Men 2 BILL WEST 60
Pro Master Men 4 NICK DEJOHN 62
Pro Master Men 4 LARRY THOMPSON 62
Pro Master Men 4 MARK WILSON 62
Pro Master Men 7 BETTY MOORE 71

Advanced Men 1 PAUL MACHADO 58
Advanced Men 2 BRETT FISHER 59
Advanced Men 2 DYLAN MAREZ 59
Advanced Men 4 JOHN LEADPIPE 60
Advanced Men 4 BLAKE NICHOLSON 60
Advanced Men 4 MARCUS RIOS 60
Advanced Men 7 SHAUN VANSICKLE 61
Advanced Men 8 JUDE OUBRE 62
Advanced Men 9 GUY BOYAN 63
Advanced Men 9 JASON GILLIA 63
Advanced Men 9 MATT KESSLER 63
Advanced Men 12 ZACK DOGGETT 64
Advanced Men 12 RYAN DUNCAN 64
Advanced Men 14 JOSEPH SALAZAR 66
Advanced Men 15 J.D. BAKER 67
Advanced Men 15 BRUCE BARTSON 67
Advanced Men 15 LEON GILLARD IV 67
Advanced Men 15 DAN THOM 67
Advanced Men 15 JOSH WILLIAMS 67
Advanced Men 20 CESAR ARGUELLES 68
Advanced Men 20 MIKE LOWE 68
Advanced Men 20 JOSH MULLINS 68
Advanced Men 23 BRAD GRANIER 69
Advanced Men 23 COLE MEDLER 69
Advanced Men 23 OSCAR ROSALES 69
Advanced Men 26 KEN ROYCROFT 70
Advanced Men 27 TINO EGUIA 71
Advanced Men 27 STEPHEN SMITH 71
Advanced Men 30 CAIN DOMIER 75
Advanced Men 31 MICHEAL VASQUEZ 77
Advanced Men 32 EVAN COWLEY 999

Adv. Master 1 RIC JOHNSON 61
Adv. Master 2 ANDREW BLU ROMERO 62
Adv. Master 3 MARK MCCRIMMON 63
Adv. Master 4 DAN MUELLER 64
Adv. Master 5 BILL COLLINS 65
Adv. Master 6 MARK PENNIMAN 66
Adv. Master 6 GENE TERRY 66
Adv. Master 8 RICKY AMAYA 67
Adv. Master 8 SOLO CASTRUITA 67
Adv. Master 8 ED WASHBURN 67
Adv. Master 11 TODD GOLDEN 68
Adv. Master 12 JEFF PITT 69
Adv. Master 13 BERT BENAVIDES 71
Adv. Master 14 LOUIS GUERRERO II 72
Adv. Master 15 MIGUEL GUERRERO 74
Adv. Master 16 ROGER ALLEN 79
Adv. Master 17 "BIG" RICH COLLINS 84

Adv. Grandmaster 1 CHIP GROAT 64
Adv. Grandmaster 2 KHALI MENDOZA 65
Adv. Grandmaster 3 BILL PECKHAM 67
Adv. Grandmaster 4 MARK NUNN 68
Adv. Grandmaster 5 DEL STAIR 71
Adv. Grandmaster 6 JOHN BRADY 72
Adv. Grandmaster 7 JON PEACOCK 73
Adv. Grandmaster 8 JOHN FISHER 75
Adv. Grandmaster 8 SHELDON PARKER 75
Adv. Grandmaster 10 KEVIN SIMMONS 77
Adv. Grandmaster 11 STEVO BARNES 80

Intermediate Men 1 MATT PAPA 60
Intermediate Men 2 STEVE LOESCHEN 61
Intermediate Men 3 JEREMY CROKE 64
Intermediate Men 3 ISAAC HERNANDEZ 64
Intermediate Men 3 MATT SINK 64
Intermediate Men 6 NEIL HAUGHTON 66
Intermediate Men 6 JOESPH RHODE 66
Intermediate Men 6 PORTER YAX 66
Intermediate Men 9 CHRIS CASTILLO 67
Intermediate Men 9 BILL ENGLE 67
Intermediate Men 9 TROY HERMAN 67
Intermediate Men 9 WADE KOLB 67
Intermediate Men 9 BRYAN RITTER 67
Intermediate Men 9 IVAN WOOLBERETON 67
Intermediate Men 15 CHRIS CASTILLO (II) 68
Intermediate Men 15 JUDD CHERRY 68
Intermediate Men 15 JOHN GOLD 68
Intermediate Men 15 KELLY MACCARTIE 68
Intermediate Men 15 SEAN MULLAN 68
Intermediate Men 15 JIM WADDINGTON 68
Intermediate Men 21 JOHN RELIC 69
Intermediate Men 21 JOSH RIPPIE 69
Intermediate Men 21 GREG WINN 69
Intermediate Men 24 TIM BROWN 70
Intermediate Men 24 RICHARD HARGRAVES 70
Intermediate Men 24 GORDON MAXIM-KELLEY 70
Intermediate Men 24 LYNN MCNABB 70
Intermediate Men 24 JUSTIN ROJO 70
Intermediate Men 29 GARY BARRON 72
Intermediate Men 29 TONY CHOUFATI 72
Intermediate Men 29 ZACK FORTUNA 72
Intermediate Men 29 DAMON NETH 72
Intermediate Men 33 BARRY WALLING 73
Intermediate Men 34 THOMAS CANO 75
Intermediate Men 35 CHRIS DALE 76
Intermediate Men 35 RUFINO ESCOBEDO 76
Intermediate Men 35 DARREN VAUGHN 76
Intermediate Men 38 KEVIN CALLAHAN 77
Intermediate Men 38 KURT ZIMMERMAN 77
Intermediate Men 40 CAMERON HARDY 78
Intermediate Men 41 DOMINIC CARRILLO 84
Intermediate Men 42 PHILIP WARNICK 999

Recreational Men 1 MIKE HAYMOND 63
Recreational Men 2 ART MENDOZA 64
Recreational Men 3 JOSEPH PITT 65
Recreational Men 4 CHRIS WADE 66
Recreational Men 5 JEREMY BENNETT 67
Recreational Men 5 TOM O'HIGGINS 67
Recreational Men 5 GATLIN RASH 67
Recreational Men 8 MAC SHUGART 68
Recreational Men 9 JOHN O'CONNELL 70
Recreational Men 10 RUBEN ANCHONDO 71
Recreational Men 10 SCOTT SAMSON 71
Recreational Men 10 DEAN SOWARD 71
Recreational Men 13 JOEY BARRETT 72
Recreational Men 13 JAMES LYLE 72
Recreational Men 13 MICHEAL NOWOTNY 72
Recreational Men 13 CHAD PALMER 72
Recreational Men 17 MICHAEL WILLIAMS 73
Recreational Men 18 TREY BANSCOMB 77
Recreational Men 19 SIMON FITZPATRICK 80
Recreational Men 20 MIKE PLATA 82
Recreational Men 21 FRANK CASON 83
Recreational Men 21 JUSTIN KLEINSMITH 83
Recreational Men 21 SHANE TANNER 83
Recreational Men 24 MILES DURKEE 86

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