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Austin Weather

Know Problems - Check here before posting for help

Found a problem or are having a problem with the site? Let us know here.
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Know Problems - Check here before posting for help

Post Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:30 pm

Problem: (Fixed)
When changing your avatar and clicking the [Save Changes] button you may be prompted with a database error.

Pending - Your avatar will be saved correctly and the only bad thing that happens is I get another fun e-mail stating the error. I have writted a help ticket to the designers of the database engine and hope to find a solution soon.
- Update 9/8/08: I disable the weather module that was causing the error. Replaced with new weather module.

Problem: (Pending)
The default avatar is a red X instead of a cute little image.

Change your avatar. For some reason the default avatar is not being set in the database when a user registers. This is a problem, but almost a good problem. Since most user's hate looking at that red X that are tempted to change their avatar giving their account a little more personality. I don't consider this a bad thing but none the less I am looking into a solution.

Problem: (Fixed)
Cannot see weather information like I used too.

You are not seeing things and your memory is just fine. I disabled that block due to some nasty SQL error that were occuring. I will look for an alternative very soon or even better a solution.
- Update 9/8/08: After almost destoying the site with database modification I finally got things to calm down. I still could not find a solution to the error but I am far past that as I don;t want to crash the site again. So I just shoved the problem under the carpet and disabled the old weather block that apears on the bottom left menu. I replaced it with a very simple weather block. It is not as detailed as the original, but when clicking on it all the details will be show in a new window.

Problem: (Pending)
The Calender Event is no longer on the menu.
It has been removed due to some bad bugs. Could not add more than one event to a date. Some reacurring events were appearing on the wrong days. To reduce confusion I removed it. Hoping to find a replacement bug free version soon.

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